This election a wake-up call for Modi

As a BJP supporter, it pains me that BJP has to depend on two opportunists for its survival. This predicament of BJP is mainly because of arrogance and autocratic ways of Modi and Shah duo. They tried hard to undermine senior leaders such as Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari, Vasundhara Raje, Shivraj Chouhan, Yogi Adityanath so that Modi has no challengers at all. This proved costly in UP, and Rajasthan. Further they weaponised ED, CBI, IT to target opposition leaders. In the last two years ED and IT were over active in raiding opposition leaders and this lead to a strong opposition unity. UP, Maharashtra results are mainly opposition unity under adversity. Surprisingly CBI was not so much proactive like ED and IT because its director is chosen by CJI also whereas ED is functioning with a temporary chief and IT by an officer on extended service. To course correct Modi must rein in Shah and accord respect to all senior leaders at least now. He needs to sack the current temporary incumbents and appoint regular chiefs for ED and IT immediately and not encourage targeting opposition leaders, who may unite against BJP and gain public sympathy. This election is a wake-up call for Modi to shun arrogance and not squander the opportunity to serve the country again in 2029. If there is no course correction BJP supporters like me will be disappointed in future when congress wins again on anti Modi plank.



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