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This is History (791)

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.









If Modi loses, RSS will build pressure

It is said in the event of Narendra Modi losing Gujarat election, the RSS will build more pressure on him.







Who is with whom ?

PM Narendra Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah  have come to know who is  with whom in Gujarat elections. Wait for the coming few weeks.







Baba challe Pardes...

My friend who is a Stock Broker by profession.... and a part-time Political analyst  comes to my Office and over Kadak Chai and Shrewsburry Biscuits we get chatting.


Friend: So RaGa Baba ne sirr mundwaya aur padh gaye olle..

M: If on 18th the Exit Polls results are on Chanakya's lines....if I was RaGa I'd would take sanyaas from Politics..

F: Mota Bhai but why are you sounding like Congi Spokesman... who trash Exit Poll results... only delay the pain!!

M: Without a doubt the Exit Polls are an indicator...and now that we have a basis of the voting pattern we can expect a victory for BJP....but not the results!! Worst BJP can get 100+ and best 130+!!!


F: Opinion Polls..

M: Guess work...like take Yogendra Yadav... says his 'guess work' was error of judgement...

F: Or he tried to help Congress by showing its a Congress wave....

M: As Congress came to know about the Exit Polls ... Congis gheraoed EC Office and started shouting slogans..

F: Clear indicator its realised Voter has preferred BJP....

M: So its obvious its Wolf Cries on EVMs are just a very Sour Loser Crying..

F: Yes because Exit Poll is asking  Voters how they Voted ... so its like getting the Voting Pattern from the Horse's Mouth..

M: Now RaGa will go overseas for an extended holiday...the Congress line will be... he's the President of Congress and is going to meet overseas Congress Branch Heads!!

F: What is the biggest takeaway from Gujarat election!!

M: Empty Vessel's criticism of a full Vessel ends in embarrassment for the Empty Vessel!! Every stone RaGa or Congis threw at Modi boomeranged on Congress...

F: What is Amit Shah's secret of success in Elections!!

M: His connect with Voters and Karyakartas....and for this rather than staying in Hotels ....he stays with Karyakartas .... has meals with them ... his connect is unparalleled


...and of course like Modi he has a sharp positive mind ....

F: Why has EC taken RaGa to task for his interview...but overlooked Modi's so said 'roadshow' post his voting...

M: RaGa gave an Interview to a local Gujarat Channel... he spoke about Gujarat elections only....knowing fully well the interview would be aired during the period no canvassing is allowed .... 24 hours before Voting...Modi walked showing his voting finger...... apart from Voting ink nothing on his finger... did not utter a word...

F: Congress ko toh abh harr baat pe ronne ki addat padh gayi hai..

M: There are two kinds of EVMs now for Congress - Honest and Dishonest.

Honest: Delhi, Punjab, WB, Karnataka...

Dishonest: Wherever Modi wins....next year maybe the Karnataka EVMs could become dishonest...

F: What's going to happen to Sonia... has she been retired!!

M: I think the Elders in Congress will demand she be made Chairman Emeritus... some of the middle aged lot who still behave like kids and are part of the RaGa's Gang want ...she either be the Queen Mom.. or ex Congress President!

F: I think rather than RaGa she should now travel...enjoy her Espressos in Cafes... eat authentic Italian food...dress the way she likes...of course after giving her Daughter some important responsibility in the Party .... she can't leave RaGa alone to mind the shop...

M: The irony as I see it... she's willing to let go off the blanket but the blanket will not leave her... in RaGa's case 3/4 of the blanket wants to leave him but he's clutching on to the blanket..so hard!!!


We have a good laugh and I see my friend off at the door.


Disclaimer:  Satire. Not meant to influence, inform, insult or cast any aspersions. With inputs from MSM, SM and Blogs


NTP is being formulated

The National Telecom Policy 2018, currently being formulated by DoT, shall strive to take a holistic view of the various factors that would enable the robust and dynamic growth of the Telecom sector in the long run. The key themes that the NTP is aiming to look at include, the regulatory & licensing framework impacting the sector, connectivity for all, quality of services (QoS), ease of doing business and absorption of new technologies including 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Pendency of cases in courts

Govt  regarded to be the biggest contributor to litigation in India. According to available data, in High Courts 40 lakh cases were pending in 2016. In District and Subordinate courts the number of pendency was 2.74 lakh cases in 2016. Approximately 46% of the total pending cases in courts pertain to the government. This includes cases relating to Public Sector Undertakings and other autonomous bodies. Government litigation includes service matters, disputes with private entities as well as inter-se disputes between two government departments and disputes between two PSUs.

Eight HCs still waiting for regular CJs

Eight High Courts do not have a regular Chief Justice for the last few months and Acting Chief Justices are looking after the work of CJs. High Courts of Telangana & AP, Kolkata, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnatak , Kerala and Manipur are still waiting for regular CJs.

Tenure of Jagtap as Regional Director, SSC, Mumbai extended

The tenure of K B Jagtap as Regional Director, Staff Selection Commission (WR), Mumbai, has been extended upto March 31, 2018. He is a 1998 batch officer of Central Power Engineering Service.

Sudhir Dattatray Panadare appointed as Director (Tech), RCF

Sudhir Dattatray Panadare, CGM, RCF, has been appointed as Director (Technical), Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertlizers Limited (RCF). Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved his appointment to the post.

KVS Baba appointed as CMD, POSOCO

K V S Baba, CEO, POSOCO, has been appointed as Chairman-cum-Managing Director, POSOCO Limited. The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved his appointment to the post.

Rajesh Sood appointed as Director (T&OS), SCI

Rajesh Sood, VP, SCI, has been appointed as Director (Technical & Offshore Services) in Shipping Corporation of India Limited (SCI). The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved his appointment to the post.

Mrs Sangeeta Anil Sharma appointed as Director (L&PS), SCI

Mrs Sangeeta Anil Sharma, Senior VP, SCI, has been appointed as Director (Liner and Passengers Services), Shipping Corporation of India Limited (SCI). The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved her appointment to the post.

Sunil Kumar Jha appointed as Director (Tech), ECL

Sunil Kumar Jha, GM, NCL, has been appointed as Director (Technical), Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL). The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved his appointment to the post.

Sanjay Chaubey appointed as Director (Tech), ECIL

Rear Admiral Sanjay Chaubey, Project Director, Indian Navy, has been appointed as Director (Technical), Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL). The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved his appointment to the post.

Five IAS officers of 1993 batch to be Principal Secretary in Kerala

Five IAS officers of 1993 batch from Kerala cadre - Dr Usha Titus, K R Jyothilal, Puneet Kumar, Dr Devendrakumar Dhodawat and Dr Rjan N Khobragade - are expected to be promoted to the grade of Principal Secretary.

Sanjiv Soni selected as Director (Fin), ECL

Sanjiv Soni, GM, WCL, has been selected for the post of Director (Finance), Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL), at a Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) meeting held on December 15, 2017. As many as eight persons were interviewed for the same.

CM Yogi and IAS officers

UP IAS officers are a disturbed lot because of CM Aaditya Yogi's hard googlie. At the inaugural function of IAS week in Lucknow, Yogi straightway said that no body is happy with IAS officers. Everyone from general public, public representatives, IPS, PCS, PPS to Army are complaining against you. I am receiving maximum complaints against IAS officers. He reportedly told them that you are interested in yourself and don't bother for others. You ensure that IAS officer should get time bound promotion but keep others files pending for months. He said that IAS officers should know their responsibility and should behave like that.

Central Bank of India to hire DGM rank CISO soon

Central Bank of India is to hire a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in the rank of Deputy General Manager in Specialist Category (Top Executive Grade) Scale VI  with initial posting  based at Bank’s Corporate Office, Mumbai.

Govt advertises post of Member, Customs & Central Excise Settlement Commission, Chennai bench

The Ministry of Finance has invited applications for the post of Member, Customs & Central Excise Settlement Commission, Chennai bench .

Govt to hire Consultant (Risk) for NATGRID

Govt is all set to hire one Consultant (Risk) among retired officers of Central Government Ministries/CPSUs/CAPFs or Central Autonomous bodies for National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID).

Three posts upgraded

After approval of the Cadre review of IDAS officers, three posts - Jt CGDA (Audit), Jt CGDA (IFA) in the hq and CDA (R&D), Hyderabad have been upgraded to the level of HAG.

Ms Gupta posted in Bengaluru

After reverted back from deputation, Ms Aarti Dewan Gupta has been posted as CDA (R&D), Bengaluru, She is a 2002 batch IDAS officer.

Two IPS officers from Punjab cadre empanelled as IG in GoI

Two 1997 batch Punjab cadre IPS officers, out of four, have been empanelled for holding Inspector General level posts in Government of India.

DGAFMS officers to get NPA at the rate of 20% of basic pay

The officers of Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Services will be getting Non Practising Allowance (NPA) at the rate of 20 per cent of the basic pay in the revised pay structure as per the 7th CPC recommendations.

Ashish Abrol appointed CIT in PrCCIT office, Chandigarh

Ashish Abrol has been appointed as CIT in the office of Principal CCIT, NWR, Chandigarh. He is an IRS-IT officer.

Six IAS officers of 1986 batch likely to be ACS in UP

As many as seven IAS officers of 1986 batch are expected to be promoted to the Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) grade in Uttar Pradesh.

Three IAS officers of 1993 batch to be PS in UP

Three IAS officers of 1993 batch: Rajiv Agrawal, Alok Kumar-II and Vina Kumari Meena are expected to be promoted to the Principal Secretary grade in Uttar Pradesh.

Over two dozen IAS officers to get Selection grade in UP

More than two dozen IAS officers of 2005 batch are expected to be accorded Selection Grade in Uttar Pradesh. The officers are: Surendra Singh, Kanchan Verma, Dr Lokesh M Govind Raju N S Gurrala Shrinivasa, Jitendra Bahadur Singh, Narendra Singh Patel, Rakesh Kumar Singh-I,  Dinesh Kumar Singh-II, Dr Surendra Kumar, Anita Shrivastava, Suresh Kumar Singh, Shamim Ahmed Khan, Narendra Shankar Pandey, Nagendra Prasad Singh, Digvijay Singh, Dr Ajay Shankar Pandey, Surendrea Vikram Ragvendra Singh, Vidya Sagar Prasad and Yogeshwar Ram Mishra.

2009 batch IAS officers to get JAG in UP

More than three dozen IAS officers of 2009 are expected to get Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) in Uttar Pradesh. The officers are: Shubhra Saxena, Surya Pal Gangwar, Aditi Singh, Dr Rupesh Kumar, Anuj Kumar Jah, Mala Shrivastava, Dr Nitin Bansal, Masum Ali Sarwar, Vijay Kiran Anand, Bhanu, chandra Goswami, Prakash Bindu, S Rajlingam, Vivek, bhupendra S,  Chaudhary, Vaibhav Shrivastava, Ajit Kumar, Brijesh Narayan Singh, Shrikant Mishra, Rakesh Kumar Mishra, Ramkant Pandey, Rajendra Kumar Singh, Abrar Ahmed, Dr Akhtar Riyaj, Dr Rama Shankar Mourya, Abdul Samad, Dr Ashok Chandra, Akhilesh Tiwari, Anurag Patel, Manmohan Mishra, Anand Kumar Singh-II, Ram Kewal, Anil Kumar III, Pradeep Kumar, Jagdish Prasad, Rajesh Kumar-II, Markendey Shahi, Avinash Krishna Singh, Rajesh Prakash, Pramosh Kumar Upadhyaya, Jagdish, Sangeeta Singh, Dr Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, Shivakant Dwivedi and Dr Anil Kumar.

2014 batch IAS officers to get STS in UP

More than one dozen IAS officers of 2014 batch are expected to get Senior Time Scale in Uttar Pradesh. The officers are: Abhishek Anand, Akshya Tripathi, Archana Verma, Avanish Kumar Rai, Nikhil Tikram Funde, Gaurang Rathi, Isha Dhuhan, Dr Mahendra Kumar Meena, Manish Bansal, Mridul Chaudhary, Neha Jain, Prem Ranjan Singh, Ravi Ranjan, Sandeep Kumar, Rahul Pandey, Medha Rupam and Kritika Jyotsana.

Post of Lokayukta in Odisha vacant for last four years

The post of Lokyaukta in Odisha has been lying vacant for four years. A vacancy of this post arose after the demise of incumbent Justice Prasanna Kumar Patra in January 2013.

Five officers of Indian Postal Service get new postings

Five officers of Indian Postal Service have been given new postings. Accordingly, C R Ramakrishnan has been posted as ADG, PMU, Postal Directorate while Ram Vilas Chaudhary was made ADG, DBT/RICT, Postal Directorate and Ms Simran Kaur is shifted to FMRU, Bangalore. Besides, Rahul Kaushik has been appointed as ADG, Postal Resource Development, Research & Dissemination Wing and G C Pant was posted as ADG, Postal Directorate.

Ms Latha Krishna is also Secretary, Tribal Affairs for a while

Ms G Latha Krishna Rao has been assigned an additional charge of Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs till January 7 till the return of present incumbent from leave. Ms Rao is a 1982 batch IAS officer of Karnataka cadre.

IDAS officer Ms Reena Tandon promoted to SAG

Ms Reena Tandon has been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG). she is an officer of Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS).

Dr. Anurag Meshram appointed Jt. Director, Railway Board

Dr. Anurag Meshram, Joint Director, Transformation Cell has been appointed as Joint Director(Rail University & Training), Railway Board. He is an IRPS officer.

Gaurav Saraswat deputed as DGM(Mech.), NHSRCL, Ahemdabad

Gaurav Saraswat has been deputed as DGM(Mechanical), Ahemdabad, National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited(NHSRCL). He is a Railway Officer.

Tanvi Garg joins Chandigarh Administration

Tanvi Garg has joined the Chandigarh Administration. She is 2009 batch IAS officer of UT cadre.

Ravindra Jaiswal appointed as Ambassador to Sudan (UPDATED)

Ravindra Jaiswal presently Deputy Chief of Mission, Berne has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Sudan. He is a 1999 batch IFS officer.

Pradeep Kumar Gupta appointed as Ambassador to the Republic of Mali (UPDATED)

Pradeep Kumar Gupta, presently Counsellor, High Commission of India, Accra has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of Mali.

Three IRTS officers get posting (UPDATED)

Three IRTS officers have been posted. A K Singh has been appointed as COM, NER while Ravi Valluri was made COM, NCR and D K Singh is posted to Western Railway. 

Moinak Mukherjee appointed as Dy Director in MoSPI (UPDATED)
Moinak Mukherjee has been appointed as Deputy Director in PI Wing of Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation. He is an ISS officer.


Khurana is CEO of National Peroxide Ltd

National Peroxide Ltd has appointed Suresh Khurana as the CEO of the company.

Jani is Addl. ED of Milgray Finance & Investment

Milgray Finance & Investment Ltd has appointed Mitesh Jani as Additional Executive Director of the company.

Ganguly is CS of Bata India

Bata India Limited has appointed Arunito Ganguly as Company Secretary of the company.

Shah is CS of Prima Plastics Ltd

Prima Plastics Ltd has appointed Nidhi Mahendrakumar Shah as Company Secretary of the company.

Banerjee is Non Exec Dir of Gabriel India

Gabriel India Limited has appointed Pradeep Banerjee as Non- Executive Independent Director of the company. 


Will DMs take crime meetings in UP ?

What is wrong with this ? After all we are not living in a police state and the district level functionaries have to be accountable.

Amitabh Agrawal


Who will be new Chief Secretary of Rajasthan ?

I think Gupta stands a better chance...Scindia may want a woman CS...but logic will prevail.


Data with RTI
Details of LTC availed
The appellant sought for the details of LTC availed by a public servant since her joining in the Ministry, the names of family members given in the LTC claim etc. The appellant claimed that the expenditure was incurred through Government exchequer and this information could be provided to him.  The CIC ruled that the number of LTCs availed by Government officials and the number of family members is disclosable under the RTI Act.
Being a government servant does not mean a surrender of privacy. The information about the family members remains personal information that is not liable to be disclosed under the RTI Act, 2005.
Citation: Ms. Prathiba Sharma v. Ministry of Road Transport & Highways in Case No. CIC/MORTH/A/2017/168269/MP; Date of Decision: 01st December, 2017.
Dr. Anuradha Verma (dranuradhaverma@yahoo.co.in) is the co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION – LAW AND PRACTICE and PIO’s guide to RTI. Her other articles can be read at the website of RTI Foundation of India at - http://www.rtifoundationofindia.com/

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