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Madan Lal


This is History (742)

The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!!.









How many leaders would be exposed ?

In the political and bureaucratic circles Pranab Mukherjee, Former President's book is a talking points these days. Many ask that how many old time leaders, especially of Congress party, will be exposed ?






Who is responsible for CBI failure ?

After Allahabad HC judgment about Arushi murder case, CBI’s reputation has gone down. If sources are to be believed, it was a senior officer who reportedly delayed the decision about filing of charge sheet in this case. Who constituted the second enquiry team ?



Is CBI credibility at stake ?

Has CBI lost its credibility? CBI's alleged failure in 2008 Arushi murder case has eroded agency's credibility very badly. Even some retired IPS officers are of the view that CBI has to work hard to prove its credibility. Will govt take some measures ?.





Turnaround .......when ....where

I'm still in Shimla and today I meet my Respected Friend...retired senior Bureaucrat...at a Tibetean Eatery ..located between the Mall and Lower Bazar...and over Soups and Momos we get chatting.

Me: RaGa's Twitter account all of a sudden has taken the humorous route...like  one tweet ... Modi needs to give Trump another hug and with the tweet is a Donald Trump tweet about developing a better relationship with Pakis.....and.... Mausam ka haal ...aaj ho gee Gujarat mein jumlo ke baarish...

Respected Friend: But then both jokes fall flat...Trump is talking about developing relations with Pakistan on his terms ....and in Gujarat ...Garibo Hatao .... We will not spare the Corrupt...are two of Congress's iconic Jumlas....jinn ki baarish every election mein hothi hai...

M: And Mausam ka haal not too good for Congress in Gujarat ...bijli girr sakthi hai ...and a few more Leaders leave Congress. Actually just a lot of hoopla about the election schedule ... while the term of the current assembly in Himachal Pradesh ends on 7 January, that of Gujarat ends on 22 January. So technically Gujarat elections can be announced 15 days after HP.

RF: And HP is a hill State that requires much more preparation than Gujarat. Plus Gujarat just faced floods and relief work now being completed ....

M: Congress did pretty well in the Gurdaspur bye-election...

RF: Yes ... BJP should introspect ...though here the loss is more because Akalis gave this election a walkover and BJP fought the election alone.....out of the 1.8 lac votes that BJP lost by..... 70000 were Akali Votes that went AWOL..

M: But now Congress is in 'turnaround claiming mode'... when RaGa returned from US it was billed as a turnaround for Congress...now Amrinder saying Gurdaspur win is a turnaround for Congress..

RF: Turnaround because RaGa did not canvass in Gurdaspur... and when he was in US... Congis did not have to face brickbats because of his foot in mouths .... so they felt as if they'd been freed..this made them euphoric...maybe in their own way ..hinting .. RaGa should stay out more and more...

M: Sidhu says he joined Congress because of RaGa's clean heart...

RF: He was all dressed up and had nowhere to go... Congress for him was a face saver... no one.. neither BJP....nor AD ...nor AAP were willing to take him in......too big a mouth !!!

M: Does Taj epitomize Indian Love ..

RF: No way ...it epitomizes the fickle love of a man and sheer cruelty in its making!! Its design too is not Indian... but Mughal.

M: Its a beautiful monument ...but there is nothing Indian about it ...except its location ...and sweat and blood of Indians... our money.....our money that Mughals plundered and the blood sucking taxes we paid... and our labor!!!

RF: No wonders Congress seems to be so besotted with it ....its a classical example of OPM... Other People's Money and Others Providing Manpower !!!!!

M: Reminded of a joke... a Congi standing in rain.. covering his head with a expensive looking Shawl ...while he has his cheap Hawai Chapals tucked in his armpit. Someone asked him... why are you getting an expensive shawl wet whereas you are protecting a cheap pair of chappals... the Congi said... Shawl Baap ka Chappal aap (mine) ka....that is how cavaliar they are with our money!


We have a good laugh.... pay the tab and move out.

Disclaimer:  Satire.  Not meant to influence , inform, insult or cast any aspersions.  With inputs from MSM, SM and Blogs



Reforms in banking and financial sector

The process of reforms in the Indian banking and financial sector has begun. What in your views would be its implications in the coming years?

Mail your views to mehrotra.suresh@gmail.com or suresh.mehrotra&yahoo.com

60 names of 1986 batch IAS officers in consideration zone ?

About 60 names  of 1986 batch IAS  are believed to have been sent to the CVC. They are said to be in the consideration zone for empanelment to the rank of Additional Secretary in the GoI.

Who will be new Member of SEBI ?

Who will succeed S Raman as full time –Member of the SEBI ?.Tie is said to be between CMD Dena Bank Ashwini Kumar and ED (Legal) in the organisation J. Ranganayakulu.

Justice NK Gupta appointed Lokayukta, Madhya Pradesh

Justice NK Gupta has been appointed Lokayukta of Madhya Pradesh. He is former High court administrative justice who retired from Gwalior. The post was lying vacant since June 30 after the retirement of Justice Naolekar.

GoI mulling over creation of separate cadres of AGMUT

The Government of India is mulling over the creation of separate cadres to Arunachal Pradesh, Goa and Mizoram. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is holding a meeting of Joint Cadre Authority of AGMUT in this respect on November 6, 2017.

Dr R K Singh goes on inter cadre deputation to Bihar

Dr Ranjit Kumar Singh is going to Bihar cadre for a period of three years. He is a 2008 batch IAS officer of Gujarat cadre.

Who will be new DGP of Telengana ?

Who will succeed Anurag Sharma as DGP of Telengana in November ? He is 1982 batch IPS officer.

Ms Suparna Deb appointed as DG, Commercial Audit, Kolkata

Ms Suparna Deb, Director General, Government Accounting Standards Advisory Board-I, has been transferred and posted as Director General of Commercial Audit and ex-officio Member Audit Board-I, Kolkata. He is a 1991 batch IA&AS officer.

GoI yet to find successor of K M Prasad as MD, KAPL

The Government of India is yet to find the successor of K M Prasad whose retirement as Managing Director, Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Limited (KAPL).

S B Khatal joins as MD, Maharashtra Sugar Factories Fed Ltd

S B Khatal, Director (Commercial), National Seeds Corporation Limited, has taken over as Managing Director, Maharashtra State Co-Operative Sugar Factories Federation Limited, Mumbai.

Deepak Amitabh again CMD, PTC India Ltd

Deepak Amitabh has been re-appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of PTC India Ltd for a period of one year w.e.f. October 16, 2017.

Ms Manju Pandey relieved to join as Joint Secretary, EF&CC

Ms Manju Pandey has been relieved to join as Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change. She is a 1989 batch officer of Indian Postal Service.

Singh goes on deputation to Power Ministry

Vishal Pal Singh, a 2006 batch IRS(C&CE) officer, is going on deputation to Power Ministry . Presently he is Joint Director, DG, HRD, New Delhi.

129 IRS-IT officers regularized after promotion to Jt Commissioner grade

As many as 129 officers belonging to Indian Revenue Service of Income Tax cadre have been regularized after promotion to the grade of Joint commissioner. The officers are: Aseem Sharma, Ritu Singh Sharma, Sarish Kumar Irukulla, Abhishek Sharma, Pinaki Mukherjee, Ashis Chandra Mohanthy, Dilip K Mitra,  Rakesh Jha, Debasis Banerjee, Vedansshu Tripathi, Pijush Mukherjee, Vinod Kumar Agrawal, Prakash Nath Barnwal, Radha Katyal, Nilay Baran Som, Amit Jain, Prabal Chowdhury, Lovish Kumar, Surendera K Mishra, Gudrun Nehar, Shaik Samsher Alam, Anima Barnwal, Subarajyoti Chakraborty, Nayani Swapna, Tarsem Lal, Rajat Mitra, Dileep Kumar, Sanjit K Das, Ashwani Hosmani, Subhendu Datta, Sanyogita Nagpal, Gaurav Dudeja, Nikhil Varma, Bhawani Shankar, Santosh Kumar Karnani, V K Jiwani, Anurag Sharma, A Sasi Kumar, Shital Dholakia, Anil Kumar Srivastava, Vachaspati Tripathi, Amrit Lal, Jaya Choudhary, S K Chatterjee, Ritu Sharma, D R Lathoriya, Ashish Kumar Heliwal, Ravi Kant Gupta, Ravinder Maini, Vatchala C, Mukesh Kumar Jha, Vipul Agarwal, Baljeet Kaur, Baljeet Kaur, W Vincent Shankayaraj, B S Bist, Appu Joseph Jose, Satya Pal Kumar Vengurlekar Harshan, Shiddarmppa, Kappatanavar, Pawan Kumar Beerla, S K Zafarul Haqe Tanweer, R A Dhyani, Nishtha Tiwari, Rajat Kapoor, Neil Philip, Dayainder Singh Sidhu, Anshuman Sharma, Vandana Mohite, K P R Murty, Nikhil Kumar Govila, Nitin Ragunath Wagmode, S Regna Rajan, Neelima V Nadkarni, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Arun Kumar Yadav, Jadhav Shkracharya Crupacharya, Aakash Dewangan, J Sarwavanan, Sridhar S R, Akhilesndra Pratap Yadav, Vivek Anand, Vinod Kumar, S N Dube, P Dhivahar, Yamini, Ajay Kumar Keshwari, R N D'Souza, Jeetendra Kumar, P S Sivashankarana, Ram Babu M K Sethi, Ashgarh Zain V P, Mazhar Akram, Nishcal B, Love Kumar, V K Bora, Srinivasan A, O N Pathak, Sridhar E Nikalje Pramod Atmaram, Nilu Jaggi, V Nandhkumar Nandini Das, Rajesh Kumar, Puneet Kumar, K C Das, Shiv Swaroop Singh, Premanand J, N Padmanaban, Nathala Ravi Babu, B Lakshminaryanan, Rajesh Chadnra, Darsi Suman Ratnam, Shankar Prasad K, Debashish Majumder, Kamlesh Makwana, Gaikwad Kailas Pudlik, Neena Jeph, Shravan Kumar Meena, Ramesh G and V Rammohan, N G Joseph Gangte, Ramakrishna Bandi, Sita Ram Meena, A V Sreekanth, H Ananda, P Radhakrishnan and Mahesh Thakur.

3 Bihar Non-SCS members awarded IAS

Three Non-State Civil Service (Non-SCS) members in Bihar have been awarded IAS in the Bihar cadre. They are—Navin Kumar, Udayan Mishra and Ravi Shankar Choudhary.

Ms Lyngkhoi is Member , Juvenile Justice Board, Meghalaya

Ms Wanteidamon Lyngkhoi has been appointed as Member of the Juvenile Justice Board, South West Khasi Hills District, Mawkyrwat , Meghalaya.

Debashish Bhattacharjee is GM (S&T), RVNL

Debashish Bhattacharjee, Deputy CSTE, Eastern Railway has been selected for deputation to Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL) as General Manager (S&T), Kolkata for a period of five years.He is an IRSSE officer of 1993 batch.

Rly expediting pace of pension revision of Rly pensioners

The Ministry of Railways is expediting the pace of pension revision of 14 lakh Railway pensioners.

Saraswati Prasad promoted to Apex scale of CS grade

Saraswati Prasad, currently on Central deputation as Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor, Union Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation has been given proforma promotion to the Apex Scale Level 17 of the Pay Matrix in the Chief Secretary grade. He is an IAS officer of Assam cadre of 1985 batch.

Dr Sumeet Jerath promoted to Apex scale of CS grade

Dr Sumeet Jerath currently on Central deputation as Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor, Ministry of External Affairs has been given proforma promotion to the Apex Scale Level 17 of the Pay Matrix in the Chief Secretary grade. He is an IAS officer of Assam cadre of 1985 batch.

Kumar Sanjay Krishna promoted to Apex scale of CS grade

Kumar Sanjay Krishna, currently on Central deputation as Additional Secretary , Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has been given proforma promotion to the Apex Scale Level 17 of the Pay Matrix in the Chief Secretary grade. He is an IAS officer of Assam cadre of 1985 batch.

Govt advertises for the post of Director (Finance) , FACT

Govt advertises for the post of Director (Finance) , Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd (FACT).

Dr Ashok Singhvi is DG, IGPR & GVS, Jaipur

Dr Ashok Singhvi who was awaiting posting orders in Rajasthan has been appointed as Director General, Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj & Gramin Vikas Sansthan (IGPR & GVS), Jaipur.He is an IAS officer of 1983 batch.

Kumar posted in Delhi Police

Sanjay Kumar has been posted as Jt CP Operation in Delhi Police. He is an AGMUT cadre 1998 batch  IPS officer. 

Tenure of Ajay Srivastava as FA&CAO, OIDB extended

The tenure of Ajay Srivastava , FA&CAO , Oil Industry Development Board (OIDB) has been extended till December 31, 2018. He is an IES officer of 1996 batch.

9 SCS officers in Odisha awarded IAS

Nine State Civil Service (SCS) officers in Odisha have been awarded IAS on October 16, 2017. They are-- Bijaya Kumar Nayak, Rasid Khan, Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra, Ranjan Kumar Das, Sangramjit Nayak, Susanta Mohapatra, Biswanath Acharya, Amarendra Kumar Patnaik and Sarat Chandra Nayak.

O P Kesari appointed as Senior ED, RDSO

O P Kesari has been appointed as Senior Executive Director, RDSO. He is an IRSEE officer.

16 Engineers promoted to Assistant Engineer grade in Posts

As many as 16 Junior Engineer (Electrical) have been promoted to the grade of Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in the Department of Posts. The officers are: Nalini Kanta Naik, M M Jaiswal, Rakesh Kumar Kashyap, B Sanjana Vijay Kumar,  R N Prajapati, Pankaj Kumar, M W Potdar, V M Sindekar, J M Tayade, Uma Kanta Naik, Kamal Kumar Mishra, Satender Kumar Sharma, Bhupender Siingh Juneja, Sanjay Pratap Singh, Girija Shankar Shukla and Arvind Oberoi.

Rajiv Agarwal assigned Addl. Charge as GM, ECR

Rajiv Agarwal, GM,NER has been assigned additional charge as GM, ECR for a period of three months. He is an IRSSE officer.

Eight ADRMs appointed by Railway Board

Eight ADRMs have been appointed by Railway Board. Accordingly, Sourabh Bandopadhya has been appointed as ADRM, Bilaspur while Shiv Shankar is appointed as ADRM, Raipur and  Ms Praveen Kumari Singh is ADRM, Jodhpur. Similarly, Ravish Kumar has been posted ADRM, Danapur; Hari Mohan Sharma as ADRM, Solapur; Dayanand as ADRM, Adra; P B Gadre as ADRM,BRC, WR and Onkar Singh as ADRM, Ambala.

M C Chauhan gets addl. Charge of GM, MCF, Rae Bareli

M C Chauhan, GM,NCR has been given additonal charge as General manager, Modern Coach Factory, Rae Bareli. He is an IRSEE officer.

A K Singhal posted as CEE, CLW

A K Singhal has been posted as CEE, CLW. He is an IRSEE officer.

PCS officer in UP demoted

UP govt has demoted a PCS officer, R. S. Duhan, on alleged corruption charges. He is presently posted as Additional Commissioner, Meerut Division. Orders have been issued in this regard.

Pandey given additional charge in UP

Anup Pandey, Industrial Development Commissioner, UP, has been given additional charge of Chairman, Gr Noida Development Authority. He is an IAS officer. 

Ramesh Kumar also CEO, SPV, Jammu Smart City project (UPDATED)

Ramesh Kumar, Deputy Commissioner, Kathua, J&K has been posted as Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and handed over additional charge as CEO, Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Jammu City for implementation of Smart City project. He is an IAS officer of 2011 batch of J&K cadre.

Two IAS officers get additional charges in AP (UPDATED)

Solomon Arokia Raj has been given an additional charge of Chairman & Managing Director, AP Industrial Development Corporation Limited (APIDC) while Siddharth Jain will also look after as Managing Director, Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation (APSFC) in Andhra Pradesh. 

Mrs Renu S Phulia is also Spl. Secy. Animal Husbandry Department, Haryana (UPDATED)

Mrs Renu S Phulia, Special Secretary, Fisheries Department and Secretary, Haryana Human Rights Commission has been handed over additional charge as Special Secretary, Animal Husbandry Department, Haryana . Order issued on October 17, 2017.She is an IAS officer of 2005 batch of Haryana cadre.

Mallikarjuna Rao is also PCCF, Wildlife in AP (UPDATED)

P Mallikarjuna Rao has been assigned an additional charge of PCCF (WL) & Chief Wildlife Warden in the office of PCCF (HoFF), Andhra Pradesh. He is a 1985 batch IFS officer of AP cadre.

Dr Richa Pandey appointed as ACGA in CGA office (UPDATED)
Dr Richa Pandey has been appointed as Assistant Controller General of Accounts (ACGA) in the office of Controller General of Accounts. She is a 2011 batch ICAS officer.
Padmakar selected as Director (HR), BPCL (UPDATED)
Padmakar K, ED, BPCL, has been selected for the post of Director (HR), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) at a Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) meeting held on October 17, 2017. As many as 10 persons were interviewed for the same.
Two IAS officers shifted in Karnataka (UPDATED)
Dr M N Ajay Nagabhsuhan has been appointed as Commissioner for Cane Development & Director of Sugar while Dr N Manjula was posted as Commissioner for Collegiate Education in Karnataka.


Leslie Thng assumes charge as CEO, Vistara

Leslie Thng has assumed charge as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Vistara on October 16, 2017.

Narayanacharyulu is CFO of Onward Technologies

Onward Technologies Limited has appointed MVSS Narayanacharyulu as Chief Financial Officer of the company .

Sharma quits as CS of Marico Ltd

Surender Sharma has quit as Company Secretary of Marico Limited.

Das is Independent Director of Sterlite Technologies

Sterlite Technologies Limited has appointed  Sandip Das as Non-Executive and Independent Director of the company.

Glenn Saldanha is IPA President

Glenn Saldanha has been appointed as President of Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) for the year 2017-19.

Pathak is Whole-time Director of Garware Poleyster

Garware Poleyster Ltd has appointed C. J. Pathak as Whole-time Director of the company.


DEBATE (1) Banking reforms

Are Banks rejecting common man's loans ?

-If sources are to be believed banks watch dogs and the govt receiving number of complaints against banks. Most complaints are said to be related to rejection of loans of commandment, education, housing. Even small entrepreneurs and start up are facing various hurdles. In most of the cases loans are being rejected on flimsy grounds.

G K Krishnan


No fear in MCI

There is no fear in MCI and there will not be any from the fact that when you have tainted persons at the helm of affairs or his proxies. If this would not have been true, how come these private institutes would have managed to get unqualified/low level qualifiers NEET MBBS candidates in private institutions. Newspapers are filled up with ads and one is getting sms for getting admissions directly/booking your seats for MD/MS/Diploma in advance in Maharashtra, Karnataka, TN, etc. at low packages with their contact numbers. This is the audacity of the culprits in the system, they can get you admission in AIIMS, PGI, in different quotas on a remuneration of 50 L to 1 Cr claiming that everyone is hand in glove. Your computer exams are manipulated. This is a country which short of doctors, medical system is crumbling, where neo-natal death are like killing rats. What is this SC monitored committee doing ? It is just wasting time and is not improving the system. Why once for all it is not ensured that who ever has completed MBBS should be given PG admission without interruption instead of wasting 3-4 years in coaching centers, meaning thereby that your quality of education in MBBS is third grade that 99% are not able to qualify PG exam for years together. No one can understand the plight of a girl MBBS student. She is able to complete MBBS by 25-26, prepare for 3-4 for PG exam, when she will settle down in life, and who is going to foot the bill, the hapless parents. I am a frustrated parent of a medical student. I see no bright future for a medical student even parents and peers discourage to go for medical education.


Data with RTI!

Pension related issues pertain to ‘life and liberty’

Information about non-crediting of PF Employers share in account slips of 2013-14 etc. in applicant’s account was sought. The CIC held that the RTI request is concerned with ‘life and liberty’ and should have responded by EPFO within 48 hours. The CIC observed that if the phone/mobile or whatsapp, or email id is available, the EPFO shall use them to contact the applicant and to communicate the response. The CIC held that the EPFO is required to incorporate a system according to which the moment RTI application on pension issue is received, there should be a mechanism at the entry stage to discover and identify if it is a pension related grievance and then should start acting immediately. A show was issued to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner-II, Sub-Regional Office, Ganjam to show-cause why maximum penalty should not be imposed upon him for not providing the information within prescribed timelines. The officer submitted an explanation and informed that a sum of Rs. 1,08,000/- will be credited into the account of the appellant within a week. The CIC found the explanation satisfactory and dropped the Penalty proceedings.


The view of the CIC that a grievance related to pension (delay in response, delay in fixation and delay in payment) should be treated as ‘right to life’ under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution and the public authorities shall do all the needful to address the issue within 48 hours extends the scope of life and liberty. The CIC has suggested the quick mode of communication while holding that if the phone/mobile / whatsapp, or email id is available, the respondent shall use them to contact the applicant and to communicate the response..

Citation: Manoranjan Patra v. EPFO, Ganjam, Odisha in CIC/BS/A/2016/000523 Decided on: 15.09.2017

Dr. Anuradha Verma (dranuradhaverma@yahoo.co.in) is the co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION – LAW AND PRACTICE and PIO’s guide to RTI. Her other articles can be read at the website of RTI Foundation of India at http://www.rtifoundationofindia.com/




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