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Can Advani be consensus candidate for PMs post ?

People say in politics everything is possible. In case any kind of coalition takes place in the next Lok Sabha polls , they say L K Advani may be the consensus candidate for PMs post.









A discussion about Private Secretaries

Place- an eating point in front of Shashtri Bhawan in the national capital . Time lunch hours. Topic of discussion- Principal Secretaries (PSs) of Union Ministers. Many participants were sore over the alleged negative approach of PSs/OSDs. They opined that only IAS officers are  most effective PS,  IPS  and IRS officers are also good PS. PSs of other services are good for nothing. They are just passing their time. Private persons are super ministers or super boss.


Such Touchstones get stoned

My friend is a successful Lawyer and as Court is on Vacation he joins me for a round of golf and post the game we chat over Idlis... Dosas.... and chilled sweet Lassis.

Me: Chamleshwar gayo....

F: Master of Roster is nothing new.... he made it into an issue!

M: He's been saying that Justice Gogoi should  be the next CJI...

F: See if a Lt. Gen in Army spoke up against  the COAS in Public rest assured his chances of  becoming COAS would be zero.... even if an IAS Joint Director spoke up against  the Secratary in Public rest assured he would stunt his career..... they can voice their opinions internally but never in Public...

M: None of the  3 Judges should be made CJI and as it is they have very little time left for retirement..

F: RaGa again at it..... some anti BJP paper took out an article that 'Amit Shah's Bank in Gujarat changed the max currency post Demo'!! His Lackey went to the extent of saying that Amit Shah made 745 crores... the entire ammount exchanged by the said Bank post Demo...

M: I read the article.... stupid....he's one of the 21 Directors..... NABARD issued a statement “NABARD conducted 100 % verification in Ahmedabad DCCB which revealed that the Bank had complied with all the KYC Guidelines of the RBI while accepting the demonetised notes. As per the verification report of NABARD, required under the extent guidelines, the Bank had also submitted the required Cash Transaction Reports (CTRs) and STRs to FlU-India wherever required. The average amount of demonetised notes deposited by the customers of the bank has been lower than that of other banks.  Based on the satisfactory verification of demonetised notes held by concerned DCCBs across India, including Ahmedabad and Rajkot, RBI accepted the demonetised notes held by these DCCBs. The RBI gave necessary credit in the accounts of DCCBs concerned.”

F: They've tried hit-jobs with Amit Shah's son.... then with Piyush Goyal.... and its not the last one.... RaGa is so desperate...he doesn't verify stories.... just orders his lackey to tweet..... and lackey to please him goes overboard....

M: What happened to Didi's China Tour....

F: Didi first planned the Tour....fixed the  dates....booked the tickets and made Hotel reservations... and then contacted Chinese Officials to fix appointments for discussions... when there was no response...

M: Didi and gang were left high and dry....and so they had to cancel the trip.....

F: The intelligent way would have been getting MEA involved and using MEA to get appointments....and I am sure Sushma Swaraj would have obliged....she's nowadays in Brownie Point garnering mode...

M: The joke now doing the rounds with Sushma as MEA there are 3 ways of getting a Passport.... Regular.... Tatkaal and Halaal... if you are a Muslim... submit your Passport and send a Tweet to Sushma that RPO harrassing you as you are a Muslim...by evening you will get your Passport.... this is the Halaal way.....

F: Is it true that dead Bodies of Top Terrorists from LeT...JeM.... ISIS will henceforth not be handed to relatives but burried secretly.... of course with Muslim rites...

M: Even I've  read about it.... but I doubt it... as there  has been no outcry by the Darbaari Media and Pseudos....

F: They've become the touchstone for all that is wrong and anti India...

M: Touchstone.... ha ha....fact is if in any Islamic Country they spoke up  against the National interests...they'd be stoned...

We move out to Cars.

Disclaimer:  Satire  .  Not meant to influence, inform, insult or caste any aspersions. Purely for Entertainment purposes only. With inputs from MSM, SM  and Blogs




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Modi Down But Not Out
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity is going down with each passing day, they say. “Modi as PM has not been able to fulfill the aspirations of people and, thus, he should go”. But then Who is the PM material in the country ?
whispersinthecorridors.com asked its surfers - Is there a substitute for PM Narendra Modi in BJP or any other political party ? If so, who ? – and the majority said that the country is, at present, short of having a person of the stature of Modi.
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Who has been the most succesfull bureaucrat turned politician ?

Eyeing politics as a vibrant medium of serving the nation, several civil servants have in the past several years identified politics as more suitable career to serve the people. Given the fact that they found the political system much comfortable and active in order to bring about the desired change, it however remains to be seen that who among the bureaucrats (who turned politicians) have been most succesfull both in the state and at the Centre.

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Justice Reddy to be Chairman of CAT ?

Justice L. Narasimha Reddy  former Chief Justice  of the Patna High Court and former senior most Judge of  Hyderabad High Court is being tipped to be new Chairman of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT). Presently Dinesh Gupta is the Acting Chairman of the CAT.


25 IAS officers retiring in June

As many as 25 IAS officers of various cadres and batches are retiring in June 2018. The officers are:  Kapil Dev Tripathi and Barun Bhuyan of Assam-Meghalaya cadre; Naushad Yosuf of Bihar; R G Bhalara of Gujarat; Kifayat Hussain Rizvi of Jammu & Kashmir; Paul Antony of Kerala; Ajatshatru Srivastava, Narayan Deheria and Shailendra Kiyawat of MP cadre; A R Shinde, Balasaheb Kolse and Subhash D Lakhe of Maharashtra cadre; Limneikim Singson of Manipur; Prashant Kumar Nayak Dr Ashok M R Dalawai and Anand Chandra Sial of Odisha; Ms Leena Nair of Tamil Nadu; Rajiv Kumar I, Dinesh Singh, Narendra Kumar Singh, Jai Prakash Sagar, Sitaram Yadav, Anita Srivastava of UP; Shekhar Dutta and Ujjal Kumar Sengupta of West Bengal.

Sudhir Saxena is new ADG CISF

Sudhir Saxena has joined as ADG CISF. He is 1987 batch IPS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre.

Chhattisgarh cadre IPS officer to be DGP of Nagaland

Nagaland DGP controversy is over. Chhattisgarh cadre 1991 batch IPS officer T John Longkumer, who is going to Nagaland on inter-cadre deputation for three years, will take over as new DGP of Nagaland.

Chances of Sandeep Bakshi becoming MD & CEO of ICICI Bank remains high

Chances of Sandeep Bakshi, who was recently appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ICICI Bank, becoming MD & CEO of ICICI Bank remains high when tenure of incumbent Chanda Kochhar ends in March 2019.

Anant Barua appointed as Whole-Time Member, SEBI

Anant Barua, ED, SEBI, Mumbai, has been appointed as Whole-Time Member, Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for a period of three years.

Brig K P Singh appointed as IG, Assam Rifles

Brig K P Singh, YSM, Madras, has been appointed as Inspector General (South) in Assam Rifles for a period of 18 months.

J Ravi Shanker appointed as Director (Mkt), MMTC

J Ravi Shanker, Director (Marketing), PEC, has been appointed as Director (Marketing), MMTC, for a period of five years.

Admiral Sanjay Chaubey appointed as CMD, ECIL

Admiral Sanjay Chaubey, Director (Technical), ECIL, has been appointed as Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL). The ECIL gets full-fledged CMD almost after two years. The post had been lying vacant since November 1, 2016.

Vacancy of CMD, SECL advertised again

The Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB) has again advertised the post of Chairman-cum-Managing Director, South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL). A vacancy of this post is arising on July 1, 2018.

A case study of GNFC’s Neem Project

GNFC Neem Project’s Case Study published in Harvard Business Review Fulfilling Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of 100% Neem coating of urea, Neem Project was initiated by Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.,(GNFC) in 2015, and a case study published in Harvard Business Review has delineated the radical policy change in the Indian Urea industry and its subsequent impact on livelihood generation and women empowerment due to GNFC Neem Project.Harvard Business Review (HBR) is recognised as the holy grail of management magazines and it is published by Harvard Business Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of the prestigious Harvard University. HBR's articles cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to various industries, management functions, and geographic locations. These focus on areas including leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and managing people. The published case study, ‘GNFC Neem Project: The Ecosystem of Shared Value’comes under the category of leadership and managing people. In particular, it analyses GNFC’s decision to pursue an integrated value chain approach, due to its belief that Neem seed collection, a labour-intensive activity, presented a huge opportunity for the economic and social empowerment of rural women in India. By collecting over 45,000 MT of Neem seeds and generating more than INR 45 crore income for 4.5 lakh women in 53 districts across six states, GNFC’s pioneering strategy has paved the way for Shared Value Creation. Rajiv Kumar Gupta IAS officer is the Managing Director of the GNFC.

One post of JS lying vacant in Telecom Ministry

One post of Joint Secretary vacated by Shashi Ranjan has been lying vacant in the Department of Telecom for the last six months.

Admiral Sanjay Chaubey appointed CMD, ECIL

Admiral Sanjay Chaubey, Director (Technical), ECIL, has been appointed as Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL). The ECIL gets full-fledged CMD after almost two years. The post had been lying vacant since November 1, 2016.

Five IIS officers promoted to HAG

Five SAG level, IIS officers of different batches have been promoted to DG . They are- Omkarmal Kedia. 1986 batch, L R Vishwanathan, 1987, R N Mishra, 1988 , Satyendra Prakash , 1989 and Mayank Agrawal, 1989 batch. The ACC have approved their empanelment for promotion to HAG.

Justices appointed as Judicial & Administrative Members, CAT

Some Justices including Justice Bharat Bhushan have been appointed as Judicial Members and Administrative Members in Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT).

ICAS officers promoted to Senior Administrative Grade

Some officers including Taranjit Singh have been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade of Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS).

Justice Saumitra Pal appointed Chairman, WB Administrative Tribunal

Justice Saumitra Pal, former Judge, Calcutta High Court, has been appointed as Chairman in the West Bengal Administrative Tribunal.

ICLS officers promoted to Senior Administrative Grade

Some officers including V K Khubchandani have been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade in  Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS).

IFS officers promoted to Senior Administrative Grade

Some officers including Oscar Kerketta have been promoted to Grade-II of Indian Foreign Service in Higher Administrative Grade.

Dr Reddy appointed as Director, PCIMH

Dr K Rama Chandra Reddy, Professor, Department of Rasa Shastra Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences of Banaras Hindu University, has been appointed as Director, Pharmacopoeia Commission for Indian Medicine & Homeopathy (PCIMH).

Capt. K P Jayakumar promoted to Principal Officer, DG Shipping

Capt. K P Jayakumar has been promoted to the grade of Principal Officer (Nautical) in the Directorate General of Shipping, Mumbai.

Dr Devendra Singhai appointed Chairperson, Adjudicating Authority

Dr Devendra Singhai, Member Administration in the Adjudicating Authority under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, has been appointed Chairperson to the same. He is former 1978 batch IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre.

N K Mandal promoted to Senior Administrative Grade in CLS

N K Mandal has been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade in the Central Labour Service (CLS).

Prof Makarand Paranjape appointed Director, IIAS, Shimla

Prof. Makarand R Paranjape, Professor, JNU, has been appointed Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), Shimla.

S Javeed Ahmed gets Apex Scale

S Javeed Ahmed, Director, NICFS has been granted Apex Pay scale. He is a 1984 batch IPS officer of UP cadre.

Harsh Vaidya appointed Director, Dattopant Thengadi National Board

Harsh Vaidya has been appointed Director, at Joint Secretary level, Dattopant Thengadi National Board for Workers Education & Development, Nagpur. He is a 1995 batch IDAS officer.

Nadella Naga appointed Director (PP), NLC India Ltd

Nadella Naga Maheswar Rao, CGM, NLC India Ltd, has been appointed as Director (Planning & Projects), NLC India Limited.

Sridhar Patra appointed Director (Fin), NALCO

Sridhar Patra, Director (Finance), THDC India Ltd, has been appointed Director (Finance) in National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO).

Tenure of A K Gaur as Director (Fin), RITES extended

The tenure of A K Gaur, Director (Finance), RITES, has been extended upto July 30, 2019.

Dilip Kumar Gupta appointed Director (Proj), SDCL

Dilip Kumar Gupta, Superintending Engineer, CPWD has been appointed Director (Projects), Sagarmala Development Company Limited (SDCL).

20 IRSEE officers get Higher Administrative Grade

As many as 20 officers of Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE) have been promoted to Higher Administrative Grade (HAG).

Reshuffle of IAS officers in UP

More than half a dozen IAS officers have been transferred and posted to different places in Uttar Pradesh. Accordingly, Surendra Singh has been appointed as DM, Varanasi while Vijay Vishwas Pant was made DM, Kanpur and Ravi Kumar N G is DM, Agra. Similarly, Devendra Kumar Pandey has been appointed as DM, Unnao; Gaurav Dayal as Special Secretary, Tourism & MD, State Tourism Corporation, Additional Chief Project Director, World Bank Project Tourism Lucknow; Yogeshwar Ram Mishra as Special Secretary, PWD and Akhand Pratap Singh was made Special Secretary, Food & Civil Supplies.

Seven Distts get new Police Chiefs in UP

UP govt has transferred 11 IPS officers, including 7 district Police Chiefs. Babloo Kumar, 2009 , will be new SSP, Matura, Prbhakar Chaudhary, 2010, SP , Sitapur,Suresh rao Aanand Kulkarni,2008, SSp, Varanasi,Upendra Kumar Agrawal, 2005, SSP, Saharanpur, Dinesh Kumar P, 2009, SP, Shamli, Dinesh Pal Singh,2005, SP, Jaunpur, Ajay Kumar Singh, 2009, SP, Hamirpur, Keshav Kumar Chaudhary, 2009, SP, RTC, Mirzapur,  Mahendra Yadav, 2010, SP, Training, Lucknow, Dev Ranjan Verma, 2011, Commandant, 37 bn, PAC, Kanpur and R K Bhardwaj, 2005,SP,Admn,DGP office, Lucknow.


Mrs Rohini Sindhur Dasari appointed as Dy Commissioner, Hassan in Karnataka (UPDATED)

Mrs Rohini Sindhur Dasari has been appointed as Deputy Commissioner, Hassan District in Karnataka. She is a 2009 batch IAS officer of Karnataka cadre.

Dr Jayathilak holds charge of Spices Board till new incumbent joins (UPDATED)

Dr A Jayathilak has been assigned an additional charge of Spices Board until the regular incumbent joins the post. He is a 1991 batch IAS officer of Kerala cadre.

Shyamal Misra continues as Chairman, Tea Board (UPDATED)

Shyamal Misra, Joint Secretary, Commerce, will continue holding an additional charge of Deputy Chairman, Tea Board until a regular incumbent joins the post. He is a 1996 batch IAS officer of Haryana cadre.

Foreign Lenders Meet of NTPC held (UPDATED)

NTPC held its 16th Foreign Lenders Meet in Mumbai on June 22, 2018. The meet was aimed to update the foreign banks and financial institutions about the company’s Operational and Financial performance during the financial year 2017-18, growth plans and funding requirement etc for the future. A detailed presentation was made by K Sreekant, Director (Finance) covering various aspects of NTPC’s performance and future growth plans. International credit rating agencies S&P, Fitch and Moody’s presented their perspective on the company credit quality, trends in the power sector in the APAC region, prospects and developments in the Indian Power Sector etc. Rajesh Kumar, RED (West-1), Sudhir Arya, CFO were present during the meet. Around 60 representatives from various financial institutions, banks attended

Important decisions of ESIC (UPDATED)

The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) during its 174th meeting held recently under the Chairmanship of Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Minister of State for Labour & Employment (Independent Charge), Govt. of India has taken some very important decisions towards improvements in its service delivery mechanism. The other dignitaries participating in the meeting were Heera Lal Samariya, IAS, Secretary, Labour & Employment, Govt. of India, Raj Kumar, IAS, Director General, ESIC, Additional Secretary, Sh. Manish Kumar Gupta, IAS, Jt. Secretary and Mrs Sandhya Shukla, IA & AS, Financial Commissioner, ESIC, Hon’ble ESI Corporation Members representing  Members of Parliament, Employees’  & Employers’  Federation/Association  representatives of State Governments and officers of MoL&E  & ESIC. Following important decisions were taken during the Meeting: Opening of Dispensary cum Branch Office in all the districts of the country : To strengthen medical services in all the districts of the country, the decision for opening of one ESIC Dispensary cum Branch Office (DCBO) in every district of the country was taken in the meeting. The DCBO will provide primary medical care, referrals for secondary medical care, scrutiny of bills of secondary care referrals, etc. besides distribution of drugs to Modified Employer Utilization Dispensary, IMPs in the district, payment of cash benefits, survey work for coverage in the district. The ESIC will bear the establishment and operational cost of DCBO, without sharing, in the similar manner of expenditure of ESIC Hospitals.Nursing Internship Program in ESIC Hospitals : During the meeting, the decision for starting a Nursing Internship program in ESIC Hospitals was taken. The program would be open to duly registered fresh graudate Nurses who are looking to hone their skill in real work setting under supervision of regular staff.  ESIC would offer practical work experience to graduate Nursing pass outs, focusing on application of Nursing theory and knowledge to actual Nursing tasks in medical settings.  A stipend (consolidated) of Rs.22,000/- could be provided for duration of the internship.  The selection would be based on  merit and no. of positions for internship could be around 20% of the sanctioned strength of Staff Nurses for the ESIC  hospital.  Modified Insurance Medical Practitioner (IMP) Scheme, 2018 : ESI Corporation has given in principal approval to Modified Insurance Medical Practitioner (IMP) Scheme, 2018 to make IMP Scheme more attractive on pilot basis.  This Scheme may further be expanded in the new areas as well as existing areas as per need. In an area, where ESI does not have its medical establishment,  or in newly implemented area, Primary Medical Care is provided cash less through tie up arrangement, with Insurance Medical Practitioner (IMP).  ESIC shall utilize the services of private practitioners (as IMPs) for delivery of primary care services (except for  lab tests & medicines) to IPS.   Construction & upgradation of ESIC Hospitals and developing  of Super Specialty Treatment : To strengthen medical care services,  approval of Hon’ble LEM and Chairman, ESIC for 100 bedded ESI Hospital in Bahadurgarh, Haryana;  50 bedded additional facilities for Super Speciality treatment at ESIC Hospital, Varanasi, UP;  and starting of 100 beds medical facilities in ESIC Medical Hospital,  Bihta, Patna, Bihar were reported upon in the meeting. Besides this, the   proposal for upgradation of existing ESIC Hospital at Bibvewadi, Pune from 50 to 200 beds  (upgradable to 500 beds) and  enhancement of bed strength of ESIC Hospital, Namkum, Ranchi from 75 to 200 beds and construction thereby of   200 bedded ESIC Hospital at Ranchi, Jharkhand were approved. Further about 20 other Agenda Items pertaining to improvement in services/benefits to Insured Persons and other administrative matters were deliberated upon and approved during the meeting.

Dr Ralte awarded IAS cadre (UPDATED)

Dr Lalhriatzuali Ralte of Mizoram has been awarded Indian Administrative Service (IAS).

AeSI calls for technology self reliance in Aerospace & Defence (UPDATED)

The 226th meeting of Governing Council of The Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI) was held on June 16, 2018 at AeSI HQrs, New Delhi. The Aeronautical Society of India was founded in the year 1948 with the objective to promote the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of aeronautical sciences and aircraft engineering as well as elevation of the aeronautical profession.  Over the years, the Society has grown into a major professional body in the field of aeronautics, aviation and aerospace.  The Society has 17 branches at all the important centers of aviation and aeronauatics in the country, viz., Agra, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chandigarh, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kochi, Mumbai, Nasik, Nagpur, Pune, New Delhi, Sunabeda, Thiruvananthapuram and Kanyakumari and two special centres i.e. CFD Division and Design Division at Bangalore.  Its membership of more than 13,000 is drawn from all major aeronautical establishments such as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, DGCA, Defence Research and Development organizations, Academic Institutions, Aeronautical Development Agency, Indian Air Force, Indian Space Research Organisation, Vikram Sarabhai Space entre, National Airport Authority of India, Air India, Jet Airways, Pawan Hans and aero industry in private sector.While welcoming the Council members, Dr R K Tyagi, President, AeSI spoke about the recent initiatives taken by Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Defence and ISRO towards Make in India efforts.  He said that recently introduced UDAN Scheme announced by Ministry of Civil Aviation and the 3rd party inspection allowed by Ministry of Defence for defence supplies have been noteworthy initiatives by the government.  While welcoming the growth in the aircraft operations in the country, he also cautioned that there is a need for better safety ambience management in the Indian skies. Dr A S Kiran Kumar, President Elect and former Chairman of ISRO while talking to the delegates apprised how the recent initiatives taken by the space department and a very meaningful role which the space department, ISRO are playing in the growth and development of India.  He also emphasized the need of technology reliance. AeSI also deliberated upon the issues related with technology self reliance in the aerospace, aviation and defence services.  The Society formalized its recommendations on various issues pertaining to above areas and decided to take up the policy advocacy matters with the government with more vigour and urgency.

Commemorative lecture on Rajendra Nath Mookerjee held (UPDATED)

The Institution of Engineers (India), West Bengal State Centre organised a commemorative lecture at R N Mookerjee Hall on the occasion of 165th Birthday of Rajendra Nath Mookerjee.  Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury, Chief Commissioner, Right to Public Service Commission, West Bengal delivered the lecture on the topic “Engineers are the flag bearers of Corporate Ethics and Culture”.  Sisir Banerjee, President, Institution of Engineers, K L Mallik, Chairman, Institution of Engineers, West Bengal State Centre, P K Mukhopadhyay, Chairman, DVC and Chairman, Electrical Sub-Committee, West Bengal State Centre were present on the occasion along with several dignitaries, members and students. On that occasion, “Riding Two Tigers”, the latest book of Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury was also released.


N S Kannan is MD & CEO of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited has appointed N S Kannan as Managing Director & CEO of the company w.e.f. June 19, 2018.

Balasubramanian is CFO of Bharti Infratel

Bharti Infratel Limited has appointed S. Balasubramanian as Chief Financial Officer of the company w.e.f. August 10, 2018.

Miglani quits as CFO of Bharti Infratel

Pankaj Miglani has quit as Chief Financial Officer of Bharti Infratel Limited w.e.f. August 9, 2018.

Mrs Poddar is Director of KIC Metaliks

KIC Metaliks Ltd has appointed Mrs Manjula Poddar as Director of the company.

Sogam quits as CS of Tarapur Transformers

Prakash Sogam has quit as Company Secretary of Tarapur Transformers Limited.


Sultania is CFO of SREI Infrastructure Finance

SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd has appointed Sandeep Kumar Sultania as the Chief Financial Officer  of the company w.e.f.  July 5, 2018.

Modi is CS of Quess Corp Ltd

Quess Corp Ltd has appointed Rajesh Kumar Modi as Company Secretary of the company.



Former Mumbai Police Commissioner S P Singh is successful bureaucrat turned politician. 1980 batch IPS officer Singh is today Union Minister of State HRD

B C Joshi


“Tree cutting in Delhi”

Indiscriminate tree cutting  harms the ecological balance.It is unfortunate that  even the national capital Delhi has not been spared under the garb of  infrastructure  development. This is causing continuous fall in groundwater level in Delhi while its denizens are facing acute water shortage. All this happening under the nose of Supreme court. Some 17,000 out of 21,000 trees have reportedly been chopped off for redevelopment of central government accommodations in South Delhi colonies . The affected areas include colonies like Nauroji Nagar, Netaji Nagar and Sarojini Nagar. Around 11,000 trees would be cut just in Sarojni Nagar alone.

The construction agency, it is understood, has promised to plant over 10 times of  trees that had to be cut in the process. Simplistic, irrational argument. How permission was granted by the Forest deptt for tree axing,is hard to  understand. Where is the space left in south Delhi for compensatory plantation? How could compensatory plantation  be the solution for cutting old trees. Given Delhi's spiking pollution levels, it is necessary that old trees are not uprooted.

Furthermore, new government houses, in lieu of the demolished ones, should be shifted from central area to elsewhere in order to decongest Delhi.

I think, builders’ lobbies are behind the great conspiracy in the name of “Infrastructure development”, leading to collusive give-and-take between engineers and builders.

A K Saxena (A former civil servant)


17000 trees cut in Delhi

Referring my post on merciless tree cutting in Delhi as appeared in the Forum, the number I gave was 17000 and not 7000.The exact number has been put at 16500 though the Union minister of Urban development is placing it at 14031. Is that a small number to justify this destruction, Mr. Puri ?

Aarti Khosla


Some IRTS officers be empanelled for the post of Secretary/Additional Secretary

Some of the Indian Railway Traffic Service officers, especially those dealing with the work of operation, day in & day out deal with the power sector & transportation. The officials of this cadre need to be empanelled for the post of Secretary/Additional Secretary for posting in the Ministry of Power, Ministry of Coal and Ministry of Shipping. They will understand the nuances properly and emerge as successful Secretaries/Additional Secretaries of such Ministries/Departments.


Data with RTI

Unpreparedness of the Respondent

The Appellant sought information regarding the decision of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in a particular case wherein a direction for issuing detailed set of instructions in consultation with CBEC regarding the detention of imported goods was made. In the light of the unpreparedness exhibited by the Respondent present at the hearing, the Commission was compelled to postpone the hearing by four weeks. The CIC directed to issue notice to the CPIO Import. Further, the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Delhi Zone was instructed to revisit the provisions of the RTI Act in his jurisdiction and issue directives to all the concerned officials to sincerely look at the preamble of the RTI Act 2005 and its various provisions for the ease and convenience of the information seekers. The Commission also instructs the Respondent Public Authority to convene periodic conferences/seminars to sensitize, familiarize and educate the concerned officials about the relevant provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 for effective discharge of its duties and responsibilities.


In view of a large number of appeals coming up for hearing where the PIO has failed to perform his duty or seems unaware of the provisions of Act, the CIC has passed strictures and has directed to convene trainings for the officers.

Citation: Mr. R.K. Jain v. The Commissioner of Customs, New Delhi in Appeal No.:-CIC/CCCDZ/A/2017/101575-BJ-Interim, Date of Decision: 07.03.2018

Dr. Anuradha Verma (dranuradhaverma@yahoo.co.in) is the co-author of the books: RIGHT TO INFORMATION – LAW AND PRACTICand PIO’s guide to RTI. Her other articles can be read at the website of RTI Foundation of India at - http://www.rtifoundationofindia.com/


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