AIIMS Bhopal will administer cervical cancer vaccine for free

AIIMS Bhopal, under the leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Ajai Singh, Executive Director, is proud to announce a significant initiative aimed at combating cervical cancer, a leading cause of mortality among women in India. Cervical cancer affects approximately 13 lakh women in India annually, claiming the lives of around 80,000 individuals, with Madhya Pradesh bearing a particularly high burden of cases. Recognizing the urgent need for preventive measures, AIIMS Bhopal is spearheading efforts to mitigate the impact of this disease within the community. In a milestone collaboration, Vishwanath Care Foundation has generously provided AIIMS Bhopal with 262 doses of cervical cancer prevention vaccines. These vaccines, valued at approximately ₹4000 each, will be administered free of cost to 131 girls aged 9 to 14 years, on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Administered in two doses over a span of 6 months, this vaccination regimen significantly reduces the risk of cervical cancer development in young girls. By making this preventive measure accessible to vulnerable populations, AIIMS Bhopal and Vishwanath Care Foundation are taking proactive steps to safeguard the health and well-being of future generations. Prof. (Dr.) Ajai Singh, Executive Director of AIIMS Bhopal, remarked, "Our commitment to advancing public health in Madhya Pradesh remains unwavering. Through initiatives like these, we aim to empower communities with the tools and resources necessary to combat preventable diseases." The partnership between AIIMS Bhopal and Vishwanath Care Foundation underscores a shared dedication to improving healthcare access and outcomes for all residents of the region.


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