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PM to reward his own officers ?

After keeping plum posts vacant for many months and years, the PM is believed to have decided to post, Rajeev Topno (IAS, 1996,GJ) as Senior Advisor, World Bank and  Brajendra Navnit (IAS, 1999, TN) ex-PMO as India's Ambassador to Permanent Mission for India, a Government IFS captive post. World Bank posting is considered plum for its tax free high dollar salary, pension and perks.

PM had reportedly  toyed with sending private persons, Overseas friends of BJP members etc, then agreed to send his own staff- all though reluctantly. It will be a  big reward for both officers, who are considered hard working and brilliant.  Earlier also, pattern is PMO sends out officers after finishing tenure for informal "cooling-off" then rewards them like Santosh Vaidya who went to World Bank. One private person Rahul Bijoria, considered close to BJP is also being posted as Advisor, World Bank, under Rajeev Topno.

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