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“Finding Beauty and Talent in same Woman, is rarest of the rare combination”

No single woman politician in India is fortunate enough to be endowed with twin qualities of talent and glamour. Brain and beauty are antithetical. I have still made an honest attempt. Nusrat Jahan, the newly elected MP from TMC, could be rated as the most glamorous, progressive, open-minded leader-cum-actress.

No intention to hurt any one out of 30 women shortlisted by WIC.

A K Saxena (A former civil servant)


Who will be Member of ITAT ?

In addition to IRS officers, few members from the Chartered Accountant fraternity possessing high degree expertise in Direct Taxes and who are in active practice for more than 15 years would also appear in the list of appointment this time.

The shortlisting as well as the interview was too tough and was conducted in highly professional manner exhibiting the high standards and transparency too. I wish one and all my fraternity members who applied, might appeared for interview.

Ajay Agrawal


Are the Delhi police really innocent ?

Originally Answered: What is the actual reason behind the cop-lawyers clash in Delhi ? Are the Delhi police really innocent ?

I have already summarized the facts elsewhere on quora so I'll take it as read.

The parking in front of the lock up by the erring lawyer was not only illegal but was also a security hazard . So the constable on duty was rightly miffed. The lawyer with his own sense of entitlement must have been upset by his rudeness. His manhandling by the policeman is a misconduct but not an offence.

What the lawyers did then was :

Mob lynching

Assault on a public servant, an offence u/ s 353 ipc.

Assault on the State by storming the lock up.

Being lawyers, they were fully aware of this. They did it because they felt that they could get away with this because of tacit support of the court and the politicians of AAP and Congress.

Getting the information of the mob attack on the lock up, the DCP (?) came with force. There was firing resulting in three injuries. Infuriated by this, the lawyers went berserk across the city. They beat up any stray policeman they found. They burnt vehicles of civilians and beat them up for no reason.

They petitioned the High Court who, without hearing the other party issued orders of transfer of two officers and suspension of two policemen without any enquiry. The CP complied. Cases were registered against both side after the police force staged an 11 hour dharna before the PHQ.

Now coming to your question. ‘Are the Delhi police really innocent ?’ . Delhi police is a collective body. They are neither innocent nor guilty. Is any one innocent? Since Adam tasted the forbidden apple, none of us is innocent. However, on the basis of information available to me, some police men are definitely guilty of misconduct. Whether firing was justified? I am convince that it was. A judicial enquiry has-been ordered and the final position will only be clear then.

Are lawyers guilty ? IAM sure they are, of several offences. Offences have been registered and they will be decided by court.

However all this pales into insignificance before the macro issues. A man in uniform, OG or khaki, represents the authority of the state. An organised assault on this massive scale tends to destabilize the social structure and should be taken very seriously. In a ripple effect, it emboldens the other anarchist elements. Unfortunately some of them are sitting in the power center.

The second aspect of this is that the acts of the High Court and that of the CP have brought the ranks of Delhi Police to the verge of rebellion. This is indeed a very serious matter. The prestige and confidence in the the higher judiciary had been steadily waning. This will bring it lower still.

Finally, the CP has lost face and the ranks have shown a lack of confidence in him. This cannot be permitted. He will never be able to lead the force. It deepens the belief that chiefs of Police are mere pawns in the power game. And that the selection process is such that none can be expected to stand up with an erect spine. Has he erred? In my books, yes he has. Whether he is moved out or not, he is a lame duck.

Nand Kumar Singh, former DGP (1963-1997)

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