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360 degree assessment misplaced

It is heard lot of outstanding IAS officers of 1991 batch have not found their names in the list of empanelled officers. The officers would have excelled in their jobs and their honesty, integrity, ethical working would have been flawless and their CR also would have been excellent but under the currently followed 360 degree assessment, they are to be further evaluated also by randomly chosen IAS officers who might have worked under them some time and their reports play an equally important contribution in the consideration for empanelment. This introduces many a time a dubious element in that , an opportunity to these randomly chosen discontented officers to take revenge by giving adverse report on the upright and outstanding officer who did not allow anyone to indulge in corruption, making people work to their potential etc. Another quite commonly seen trait of Jealousy in human beings, seen in these officers whatever may be their education and upbringing, also come to their mind at the time of the opportunity given to them to assess an outstanding result oriented officer. An example that immediately strikes is can our PM will ever get good report from his adversaries despite doing his best for the country. If Modi was a bureaucrat, he would not have been empanelled as the randomly selected officers would have taken revenge on him. Many states outstanding officers have missed making it. May be , the individuals would be disappointed for some time but the loss to the nation is much more colossal and is permanent. We must have lost many outstanding officers in the past also. What would be the morale of these outstanding officers who must have given their every thing for their state, people and the country.? Let us ponder !




There has been a debate in Forum whether senior citizens should have a separate queue for accessing public services (specifically, CGHS for serving and retired government servants). Elsewhere there has been a debate whether women should have a separate queue.

In most civilized societies queues are very relaxed. Sometimes, it is not even visible as people keep distance from each other. In India, situation is improving; still people do not respect personal space and stand within an inch of the person in front for the fear of someone coming in between. Apart from privacy issues standing like this is bad for health.

Easy solution to this is Chit pull out system which is used in many places in India as well. When you reach the office, you take out a numbered chit from a machine. The number of the chit holder being served is displayed on the screen. You can sit in the waiting space and when your number comes up (or is about to come up) you approach the counter or the room of the service provider.

In case of CGHS, in some places the reception gives a number but there is no electronic display board to show the patient-number being served. If chit pull out system is made compulsory in all Government offices where visitors are permitted, it will avoid hassle to all.

M P  Bauer


Queue in Hospital

My father is 85 years old. He retired as an IRTS Officer at the level of Special Secretary. He lives in Vasant Kunj. He travels to the Railway Hospital, almost 18 km away on a regular basis either in a Bus or Metro. As he was honest and hardworking officer, he has been able to maintain his health and easily stand in queue in the Hospital. Till date he has not taken assistance of his five children to go to hospital. Lead an honest, moral and healthy life. You will be able lead a normal life and not get irritated for standing in queues. No body is denying that for emergency cases, the queue has to be broken.

A Srivastava

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