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Still, a proud moment !


It was almost there. The Vikram Land Rover on the moon. Kept awake to catch this historical and proud moment for the country. Disappointment was deep .Just short of 2.1 km after traversing millions of kilometres. It was natural for ISRO Scientists to feel so upset. The Chairman almost cried. What would have been a great joy turned into a big let down. The Prime minister was there to console them. It was touching when the Prime Minister hugged the Chairman and other scientists and ask them to be courageous. Their efforts for this launch have been no mean achievement. They had almost succeeded in their mission if only the mission control was not lost in those crucial 7 minutes. Hats off to all those who were involved in this mission. It does prove India has the capability to reach the moon. Next time it will not be a rover but a human being-man or woman.


Aarti Khosla

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