Let me give an alternate viewpoint on retirement age in 21st century India. - Current rules of retirement at 60 years is correct. - A few chosen posts go upto 62. Fair enough. It can continue. - Many young people do not wish to serve in the government of India for 20 years to get pension. Can we consider minimum retirement age after 10 years of service? With new NPS Policy in government of India this issue can be easily resolved. Civilians employed in the government can thereafter at a young age move on to ' greener ' pastures voluntarily after 10 years service. Armed Forces personnel gain expertise over newer systems being indicted after 3-5 years! Hence the 10 year policy is fraught with danger if early retirement is permitted. Current 20 year policy can be brought down to 15 years service to earn minimum pension. Medically India is improving in longevity. That will ensure a better work profile outside government sector in private sector, after 10 years minimum service . It is better to let young India to approach their issues personally after 10 years in government service .

Devindra Sethi

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