-Today's Whispers 10th December, 2016 - (Updated At 05:20 PM)
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Demonitization by PM and Whispers

The idea of banning high denomination notes was published by WIC on Feb 22, 2010 and again in March 2010.


The two news items in the above context were written by N Natarajan and was published with a question of Political Will ! Now action by the Prime Minister has shown that such political will still prevails in this country.



This is History (452)
Very vices of individuals became the virtues of nations.





No Congress without Gandhi family !
It is now certain that there can be no Congress without Gandhi family. By and large people have also reached to this conclusion.




Entire business community angry with Modi

Entire business community is these days angry with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The members of the community can be seen growling - "We brought him to this position but this was not expected of him".



"Demonetisation - a boon for Banking Industry"

Known for having showed her acumen in various segment in the banking industry, Mrs. Trishna Guha, who is presently Executive Director in Dena Bank, is of the view that demonetization - brought in by the Modi government recently - would be largely beneficial for banking industry. In an informal chat with the Whispers In The Corridors (Editor- Sanjay Sharma & Vice President - Abul Hassan) during her recent visit to Bhopal, Mrs. Guha said that with huge increase in deposits following demonetization, banks will now not be compelled to borrow money because of rise in low cost deposits.

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Samjhne waale samajh gaye
The Baba says if I speak in the House there will be a Quake!!!
As he says this Congis standing around him start to shake!!
They are scared because every time his foot lands in his mouth!!
And Congress's credibility goes south!
Like he said PayTM means Pay to Modi!!!!
Hearing the response on SM* Sonia pucca roh-di!!
PayTM means Pay To Madam is how SM banged him!!
And if you think he'll learn a lesson well chances are very slim!!!
The Baba needs prompting even to speak to the Press!!
His being Chaperoned Sonia does always stress!
Contents of his Quake making speech we know!
We know the tune even before into the Trumpet he doth blow!!
First who stopped him from speaking in the House!!
Ek dumm faltu grouse!
He will say BJP Leaders knew about this step Modi was going to take!!
And all this talk about secrecy is fake!!!
Then he will say Modi changes the Goal Post every day!!
First it was Black Money then Counterfeiting and then Digitization came into play!!
Then he will say none of the goals achieved!!!
All Notes will be deposited if rumors are to be believed!!
So what has Government achieved while inflicting such pain!!!
None of the malaises have been slain!
Well secrecy was kept and that is why Congress did not get to know!!
Otherwise info to Congress pucca karti flow!!
If the decision making was not kept airtight!!
Even before the announcement Demonetization would have lost the fight!!
Black Money and Counterfeiting were the aim!!
And Black Money Digitization does tame!!!
Notes coming back do not become White!!!!
To prove 'whiteness' from IT many Depositors will get an invite!!
Government has said there will be pain!!!
And to reduce pain the Rules have been changed again and again!!!
Bottom line is if there was preparedness more than what was done!!!
The Black Moneybags would have won!!!!
Secrecy would have been compromised!!!!
And Demonetization would have for all purposes been paralyzed!!
This secrecy is The Baba and his Party's biggest complaint!!!!
No one was given a chance to repaint (Black to White)????
If secrecy was not paramount!!
To zilch the Demonitisation would surmount!!
Demonetization would flop and Congress would have made fun!!
Assal mein Secrecy ne Congress ko kiya stun!!
Confucius says .... everyday Congress's credibility hits a new low!!
And seems to fall lower and lower Congress is in full flow!!
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Disclaimer : Poetical Satire . Not meant to influence or inform. With inputs from MSM, SM and Blogs







No recommendation of Collegium for SC Judges

The Supreme Court has so far not recommended any name for the Judges of the Supreme Court of India. Presently seven posts are lying vacant.





Rajendra Kumar appointed as Member, CBDT

Rajendra Kumar has been appointed as Member, Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). He is an IRS-IT officer.
(We said this on Oct 07,2016)





32 IRS-IT officers promoted to Chief Commissioner of Income Tax grade

As many as 32 IRS-IT officers have been promoted to the grade of Chief Commissioner of Income Tax in HAG. The officers are: Subhash Mehra, Nutan A Wodeyer, Ambika Khatua, Balvir Singh, Nathan Raul, Shailendra handa, Suman Kumar Anand, Krishna Saini, S Bhattasali, , S S Rathore, Arbind Modi, Ameeta Saini, Pawan Kumar Vatsyayana, Sunil Kumar Mishra, Nutan Sharma, Bijoy Kumar Mishra, Bajrang Das Vishnoi, Baldip singh Sandhu, Sudhir Kumar, Rekha Goel, Vinod Kumar Mathur, PR Ravikumar, Pawan Kumar Sharma, Anil Goel, Aditya Vikram, Dinesh Kumar Gupta, K K Mishra, Sunit Mohan Mishra, Sanjeev kumar Abrol, S M Ashraf, Abhaya Charan Naik and Bhagwan Das Gupta.






Pathak appointed GM, CLW, Chittaranjan

V P Pathak has been appointed as General Manager, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), Chittaranjan. He is an IRSS officer.






Deependra Singh is also Director Technical, IREL

Deependra Singh, CMD, IREL, has been given an additional charge of Director Technical, IREL.






India is the 3rd largest consumer of primary energy

With 18% of the world's population, India is the 3rd largest consumer of primary energy, after China & USA; consuming 6% of the world's total primary energy. The demand for energy gets stronger as we move into the future.






Thangamuthu promoted to ADG in CPWD

M Thangamuthu has been promoted to the grade of Additional Director General Works in the Central Public Works Department.






Dr Rajendra Prasad Sharma empanelled as ADG in GoI

Dr Rajendra Prasad Sharma has been empanelled for holding Additional Director General level posts in Government of India. He is a 1986 batch IPS officer of Orissa cadre.






AP notifies retirement of nine IAS officers in 2017

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has notified the retirement of nine IAS officers in 2017. The officers are: Stya Prakash Tucker, Ajeya Kallam, Ashwini Kumar Parida, Jagdish Chander Sharma, K V Stayanarayana, Chirravuri Viswanath, Rama Sankara Naik, Bhanwarlal and Lingaraj Panigrahi.





Nitin Wakankar promoted to SAG

Nitin D Wakankar has been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) in Indian Information Service (IIS).





Ms Sheyphali Sharan promoted to SAG

Ms Sheyphali B Sharan has been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) in Indian Information Service (IIS).






Charge of Chairman, KoPT to Krishna Babu extended

Additional charge of Chairman, Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) to M T Krishna Babu, Chairman, Visakhapatnam Port Trust, has been extended for a further period of six months.






10 Postal officers promoted to Senior Administrative Grade

As many as 10 officers of Indian Postal Service (IPoS) have been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG). They include: K K Bhagat, T Mangminthang, Swati Madhukar Pandey, B P Sridevi, Mozaffar Uddin Abdali, Nirmaljit Singh, Adnan Ahmed, Shailendra Kumar Dwivedi, Ashok Kumar, Col Arvind Verma.





Mrs Preeti Madan gets premature repatriation

Mrs Preeti Madan, Member Secretary, National Commission for Women has been given premature repatriation to her parent cadre. She is a 1981 batch IES officer.





Ms Prabhavati Akashi promoted to SAG

Ms Prabhavati B Akashi has been promoted to the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) in Indian Information Service (IIS).






Two IRAS officers get postings

Two IRAS officers get postings. Radhika Kaur has been transferred to RCF, Kapurthala while upon return from deputation to DFCCIL, S S Dahiya was posted to South Eastern Railway.






Dr Aulakh is new Secretary to Uttarakhand Governor

Dr Bhupinder Kaur Aulakh has taken over as new Secretary to Uttarakhand Governor KK Paul.






Rajarajan promoted to Chief Post Master General grade

Varadarajan Rajarajan has been promoted to the grade of Senior Deputy Director General/Chief Post Master General in Indian Postal Service.






Thengamarn joins Coimbatore

Ms. Kareena B. Thengamarn, Asstt. Director (M&C), PlB, Madurai has been posted as Assistant Director, DFP. Coimbatore. She is an IIS officer.






Dr Prabhat Mohan promoted as Principal Chief Engineer, CPE

Dr. Prabhat Mohan has been promoted to the grade of Principal Chief Engineer, Central Power Engineering in the Central Electricity Authority.






Rao going to Hyderabad

K.Venkat Rao, a 1994 batch IDAS officer, is going to CDA ( R & D ), Hyderabad. Presently he is posted at Medak






Rajesh Kumar Yadav empanelled as DIG in GoI

Rajesh Kumar Yadav has been empanelled for holding Deputy Inspector General (DIG) level posts in Government of India. He is a 2002 batch IPS officer of West Bengal cadre.






32 posts of Judges vacant in Bombay HC

A total of 32 posts of Judges including 18 of Permanent and 14 of Additional are lying vacant in Bombay HighCourt.





P Ananth deputed as GM, CRIS

P Ananth has been deputed as General Manager (CMM), Central for Railway Information System (CRIS). He is an IRSME officer.






Two IRSEE officers transferred

Two IRSEE officers have been transferred. Accordingly, Gautam Bnaerjee has been transferred as CAO, Madhepura, East Central Railway while Ram Prakash was posted as CSO, Eastern Railway.





1992 batch IAS officers to get PS rank

Two 1992 batch IAS officers in Uttarakhand, Rakesh Kumar and Anand Vardhan, are being promoted to the rank of Principal Secretary.






Dr Sharma appointed as ED, NABI, Mohali

Dr T R Sharma, Director, NRCPB, has been appointed as Executive Director, National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI), Mohali.





Justice Bhalla is now Chairman of HRC in Uttarakhand

Former Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court Justice Jagdish Bhalla (retd) has taken over as the new chairman of the State Human Rights Commission in Uttarakhand.





Kishore Vaibhav deputed as Jt GM, IRCON, South Africa

Kishore Vaibhav has been deputed as Joint General Manager/Electrical, IRCON International Limited at South Africa. He is an IRSEE officer.





Ramesh Chand Gupta appointed as ADRM, Delhi

Ramesh Chand Gupta has been appointed as Assistant Divisional Railway Manager (ADRM), Delhi. He is an IRSE officer.





Sanjay Nayar appointed as ADRM, Lumding

On return from deputation to RITES, Sanjay Nayar has been appointed as Assistant Divisional Railway Manager (ADRM), Lumding. He is an IRSEE officer.





Amit Garg appointed as ED, Railway Board (UPDATED)

Amit Garg has been transferred as Executive Director, EnHM(Civil Engg.), Railway Board. He is an IRSE officer.






P M Sikadra posted as ED, Signal, Railway Board (UPDATED)

P M Sikadra has been posted as Executive Director, Signal (Development), Railway Board. He is an IRSSE officer.






Anand Dev appointed as ED, Railway Electrification in Railway Board (UPDATED)

Anand Dev has been appointed